Lord Luke's Rig

Lord Luke's Rig

As well as having four modified KAT BM-Style AC30's, Lord Luke of Dudley also has a rather resplendent rig.. KAT, of course...

I built Lord Luke his first iteration of this rig years ago when he was just 16 Yrs Old. Since then it has been updated and modified more time than Trigger's broom! At first it was a basic rack-mounted router/splitter with mutes. The mutes were controlled via a floor box.

Next came a radio system and the need to be able to switch between two receivers just like Brian May can!.. A rack-mounted wireless switcher was therefore the next purchase along with the necessary modifications to the rack unit to be able to take the radio outputs.


Roll forward a few more years and now Luke is in a Pro-Queen Tribute band doing 55 shows a year or more. By this point we had been chatting on and off for a few years about a Midi switcher to control his G-Major units, but I was just too busy to be able to offer Lord Luke a solution. A few months ago however, a suitable slot in the diary emerged and we went for it!

Life on the road had allowed Lord Luke to fine tune his rig and work out exactly what he wanted. It was no longer a case of just a simple Midi controller. Now it was to be a complete floor board with built-in Wah and Midi control. The floorboard also took control of the wireless switcher as well as switching in back-up G-Majors if required. The up-graded Rack unit would also now include a built-in Treble Booster that could be switched in via a lead input again, by the floor board.

Lord Luke wanted to retain the original mute box, so this had to be re-configured such that both it and the floorboard could be used to mute or un-mute channels and both units had to display the actual status of the rack unit, so if a mute was selected on the floorboard, it would also indicate this on the Mute Box..

LL cool D's new rig! Front view..

And rear!

Second generation KAT floorboard here! Wah is built-in, buttons are large format and programmable. 

A sneaky peek inside the rack unit.. We really are starting to run out of room in there now!..

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