Jeff’s Leslie Speaker Controller.

Jeff’s Leslie Speaker Controller.

Jeff, a renowned keyboard player wanted to be able to utilize his Leslie rotating speaker cabinet as an audio effects tool in his studio rather than it just being hooked-up to his Hammond Organ fulltime. He also wanted to be able to carry on using it with the Hammond without the need to un-plug and re-connect various multicores and audio leads.

This unit was developed to allow him to connect any audio source to the Leslie and also control the rotation speeds and braking of the rotors, either via a footswitch, or the Hammond.

Inputs to the unit are either High impedance unbalanced via a front panel jack, or, stereo (internally mixed to mono) via a brace of balanced XLR connectors.

In order for this unit to be able to perform all the required tasks, the amplifier circuits of the Leslie had to also be modified to match audio impedances and also gain access to the motor controls.

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