Jason’s Studio D Amplifier

Jason’s Studio D Amplifier

A while ago, I was working on the concept of building a Deacy Style amplifier that sounded as close as possible to the real amp but be built out of contemporary components and materials rather than vintage germanium transistors and chipboard. I ended up building a prototype that I then passed to Brian and Pete for their collective thoughts and, whilst the amp has been used on numerous occasions, I’ve still not yet had the time to sit down with them to discuss it, so, it’s been shelved for now.

A few months ago though, Jason, who’d seen the pictures of the prototype previously, asked If I would build him one, but with the original style germanium transistors rather than modern silicon devices. This was good news for me as I had stocks of the KAT Deacy Amp Board Kit, so effectively all the parts I needed to build the amp.

Jason still wanted the modern look of the Studio D amp, so we built a cabinet and had it covered in his requested dark burgandy Tolex.

The amp was built alongside a variable power supply and stepped attenuator which all fitted nicely into the aluminium chassis. The chassis was loaded into the cabinet along with a KAT DSP twin cone speaker. 

The finished amp, I think you will agree, looks rather smart and sounds fantastic!

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