Graeme’s BM-30 Head

Graeme’s BM-30 Head

Graeme asked me to build him a BM-style AC30 amplifier, but he already had a number of Zilla speaker cabinets, so only really wanted a Head. We discussed options for the actual head cabinet. At the time, I had access to an old vintage Korg-era AC30 head cabinet, but Graeme preferred something new rather than a scruffy old cabinet, so we decided to design him one from scratch.

Further discussions occurred over the next few weeks and the final design was agreed upon. This would not be a Vox-looking head. Instead, I guess it was more a nod to Marshall, Hiwatt and Sound City with its sleek proportions and front-loaded control panel.

The amplifier chassis, as it was now a front-access control panel rather than a top-rear- access unit, had to be designed from the beginning as did all the circuit boards as the chassis is effectively ‘flipped’ or ‘mirrored’ when compared to a standard AC30. Not difficult, just a little time consuming as I could no longer use pre-made stock boards.

As usual with most KAT amplifiers, the chassis was fabricated from airframe grade aluminium before being powder coated. The head cabinet was designed to suite and built with finger-jointed Baltic ply finished in black Tolex.

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