Carlos's Stage Rig

Carlos’s Rig

A while ago, Carlos asked me to design and build him a rig similar to Lord Luke’s. But, as I mentioned previously, each rig generally works out to be a little different from the ones before simply to accommodate the players actual requirements rather than working from the same blueprints time and time again.

This rig then, would be like Lord Luke’s in some respects, but also have tweaks and additions to make it special. Like Ben’s rig before, Carlos also wanted the floorboard to include both the Wah treadle and the Polytune tuner in addition to the 16 Midi buttons, input/radio select and mute buttons.

Carlos’s rack unit also featured three (LCR) Deacy outputs as well as the usual (LCR) AC30 outputs. All of which were transformer Isolated and carried their own mute circuits.

The custom floorboard was constructed from folded, gusseted and welded mild steel that was then powder coated and silk-screen printed. The floorboard was shipped in a custom-made flight case.

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